Regular Cleaning Services

Regular Cleaning Service is provided regularly to keep a clean, tidy house.
At Boston House Cleanerz, we understand how busy your life may be, this is the reason we try to design the best cleaning service plans to your specific needs.
With flexible cleaning packages, we can adapt to your schedule whenever you decide to change the frequency of the service. Boston House Cleanerz offer regular cleaning services on

WEEKLY(popular for super busy families to keep their home clean),

BI-WEEKLY(great solution for general cleaning),

MONTHLY (let’s clean your house whenever you need it) basis.
Boston House CleanerZ’ Regular cleaning services include cleaning of kitchens, bathroom cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, changing linens of bed, bed making and much more. If you hate doing ironing or laundry, we can do it for you at an affordable rate. You can also add additional cleaning of the fridge, oven cleaning, inside and outside window cleaning and more.

How much does it cost to clean a house in Boston?

Well, the cost is based on many factors such as how big or small your house(how many sq ft?) is, how dirty is the place, how much time it will take us to clean, the location and also frequency of the service.
At Boston House CleanerZ, before estimating, we usually send one of our members to find cleaning needs.
Our skilled cleaners are trained, insured, background-checked and inspired to create a healthy, clean, bacteria and dust-free environment for our lovely clients. Because we know you deserve to come clean, fresh house after a busy workday. You already do a lot, no need to spare time for house cleaning. Don’t let housework get you down, instead, contact us at 617 987 71 98 or book your appointment. Let us handle the cleaning while you enjoy your time.

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